November 29, 2009

Daily Total: 49.39 Ride Hours: 01:47

Insulin Breakdown:
Meal: 14.95u
Corr: 9.75u
Basal: 24.69u

Daily Carb Intake Bolused For: 239g

Vertical Distance: 160.00 yd
Max HR: 170 BPM
Avg HR: 138 BPM
Calories: 1,433 kCal

Today was one of those really strange ride days. I spent much of the day having a blast with the family. I had a 90 minute window for a nice base ride in the mid-afternoon and thought it would be great to spin the legs out for a bit after the long ride yesterday.

I set my temp basal rate to a 50% reduction a little after 14:00. Temp basal rate is a little higher than normal since it was going to be a pretty relaxing ride.

Did a little bike maintenance, and then rolled out of the garage at 15:10 on the Superfly headed towards the American Tobacco Trail. It runs through our neighbourhood, and they have just recently finished building the bridges to re-connect the southern most sections.

I carried with me 3 small bags of Peanut M&Ms, 2 Hammer Gels, and 20oz of water mixed with Nuun. Plan was to keep the HR in zone 1, and just cruise for 90 minutes.

I kept my HR just around 140 and made it to my turn around spot in 35 minutes as planned. Gave me a cushion to ride even easier on the way back. I realized at that point that I wasn't feeling quite right in the BG department. Hmmmmm.... barely broke a sweat, temp basal active, easy spinning along. What is up with that?

Then it dawned on me... I didn't think about sensitivity today, and the lack of carb intake I had the night before. Duh. Would have been smarter to drop the temp basal rate to a normal 65% reduction for the ride, and make sure to fuel a bit every 30 minutes. How long have I had this disease? :)

Ok, no problem. Dropped the basal rate to a 80% reduction and grabbed a bag of M&Ms. Headed back on a very slow cruise until I get recovered.

20 minutes later I am still not any better. Fine. Stop basal delivery for 30 minutes, and grab another bag of M&Ms. Keep pedaling easy.... wait for it to come back up.

Time passes and I can feel the beginnings of the loss of voluntary muscle control that comes with my lows every once in a while. That's not good. I pull over and stop pedaling near a cross street.

I take in a fast acting Hammer Gel and half of the remaining bag of M&Ms, and just chill for 25 minutes. Take some pictures, say hi to people, look at the beautiful sun setting and moon coming up. Cold chill in the air. Actually really nice.

I begin to feel better, and get back on the bike. Put the pump back in the 20% of normal delivery mode. As I am running late on my 90 minute window, I really need to turn up the wick a little bit to get home on time. Was able to get through this with no problem, but the BG was down to a 63 when I got home.

Days like this are just a little reminder of how weird this disease can be. I can go and hammer out dozens of longer rides with no issues, and the simple one (with one miscalculation) can become THE epic.

As those who have heard me speak have heard me say over and over: stay flexible, be prepared, truly expect the unexpected, know and understand your tools, and try to have a mental course of events ready for whatever may happen.

Just life with the 'Betes....