October 9, 2009

Blood glucose has been pretty good all day, but I am feeling pretty beat. I am sure tomorrow will be better.

Drove out and pre-road the course today. It's pretty cool, but is really tough. Not technical tough, but there are some very non forgiving off camber ascents and decents for sure. This is going to be an issue as the course is wet, and it's going to rain over night and at least for a large majority of the 12 hour event.

The trick is going to be patience. Gotta keep the bike up right, and not make any mistakes. The course will claim lots of victims tomorrow. It is very slick now, and the red clay is only going to get worse.

Winner of 6hr will do 6 of the 8.3mile loops. 12hr victor may get 13 or so depending on how bad the weather gets. I am going to shoot for 9, which should be enough. Plan may change without warning... :)

Alright, I'm out! Thank you to all who texted or emailed. I appreciate all the support!!!!

Thank You!!!

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