August 12, 2009

Got in a lite 90 minute ride tonight before the rain rolled in. Took the HiFi out, and just granny geared around.

No water bottle, no recording of ride data. Just keeping HR below 140. Easy.

As I was rolling past the CHPD Hq I saw a friend coming back from the trails heading the other way. Road with her back towards the WC were I parked the car.

Got home about 20:20 or so. Nice ride. Saw a killer rainbow that stretched from horizon to horizon. Just a nice way to get some time. Ya know?

Started keeping a better food diary for my nutrionist. Have to find a better way to do it. Something easy for me to generate, and easy for her to read and go through. Ideas anyone?

Less than 72 hours until the start of 18 Hours on The Farm. Weather looks ok, but it is going to rain for the couple of days before hand. Could be a little messy.

I'm exhausted. Gotta hit the hay. Out.

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