August 14, 2009

Car and equipment is all packed, sans bikes. Weather looks great, and the race should be pretty sweet. Figure 17 laps for solo open mens winner.

I'm a bit more nervous about this race than usual. Not exactly sure why. Probably since I have done mostly 6's and 12's this year. This race is going to be tough.

There is a free real time scoring link for this event. If I can find it, I will post it here tomorrow morning.

Is there a ship on this course Dirt Dawg? Didn't I ask that last year?

Have a bet with George about racing up there. Just don't remember the start time. :) I know last one there buys Dominos at 1:30am. LOL!

The only thing I don't have packed is my "No Place Like Home" Bontrager RXL mountain shoes:

I'm not sure if they are going production in 2010 or not. Hey Marcee, I think these have your name on them!!

Gotta grab some zzzzz's.

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