July 16, 2009

Sometimes life opens a big can of whoop on you. Everyday this week has felt that way. Just one thing after another. It's giving me a lot to think about.

After a busy, busy day in the office I was able to head directly over to the UNC Wellness Center so I go for a ride. I lowered my basal rate to a 60% reduction at 16:40 and headed out on the Superfly Single Speed at 17:20.

At 17:30 I needed to dial in to a conference call for the ADA Tour de Cure planning commitee. I continued to ride while on the phone. Wasn't too bad for the most part. This call lasted 50 minutes and really didn't accomplish all that much. We did approve the pretty much already deceided idea of moving the Tour de Cure to Memorial Day weekend. Hopefully this will work, as the Tour is taking a big step by moving to a two day event in Pinehirst. We'll see.

After that I was able to and put the rest of my mountain bike ride in. Back to the Wellness Center by 19:30, and I parked the bike and rolled out on my fixed gear for 60 minutes.

I set my pump back to a normal basal rate at 20:00.

I think the best when on the bike, and I think I sorted through some stuff. It's funny how possesed I am by bikes. I feel more in balance while in the saddle then anywhere else.

Time for bed. Out!!

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