July 10, 2009

Daily Total: 47.11 Ride Hours: 00:45

Insulin Breakdown:
Meal: 11.50u
Corr: 9.90u
Basal: 25.61u

Daily Carb Intake Bolused For: 179g

Settling in after a busy day of travel, pit setup, and looking for the Versus network.

George and I Left around at 8:45 and arrived here at 15:00. Along the way we saw a few things that made us stop and stare. One was this old sign store down in... actually I don't know where.

Literally pulled over to take the pic.

Stopped in the hotel to check in and unload the Superfly and then we headed to the race site.

Along the way we made a stop in at the Bicycle Hub to pick up a much needed item for George... socks.

Made it to Tribble Hill Park by 16:30. We placed the tent and the chairs right on the course following the timing tent. This place is tight. Not sure how many riders had registered, but we heard 250 or so. They are going to do a mass start with a once around the parking lot parade lap. Then into the trail.

We preroad the course today, and it is 8 miles long and pretty smooth. Fast course, with a little bit of sand, sharp corners, and some token rocks and stream crossings. Should be fun to ride once the "traffic" thins out. Definitely a single speed course. Only took 34 minutes to complete the lap, and we where just cruisin. I think we missed a 1.75-2 mile loop section, but our lap time where about 6 or 8 minutes faster than most people think a fast lap will be. 12 hour winner WILL do 20 laps.

J-man I hope you like some of these pictures.....

A few more of the pictures I shot today are here in the Dirty Spokes 12 Hour EPS Race 3 album.

We walked up to downtown and ate at the Mellow Mushroom. Met some U of G college guys as we ate at the bar to save time. I won't go into details.... but man times have changed from when I was in college. A LOT.

Going to head out to the course at 7:15am tomorrow. Should get us there by 8:00. Plenty of time to get the insulin and BG dialed in, and get some quality warmup time.

I REALLY want to thank everyone who called or txt'd me today. I appreciate each and everyone of you providing all the support you do. THANK YOU!

Looking forward to tomorrow, so I'm OUT!