May 24, 2009

It's 02:45 and I am off the bike for a while.

Could tell within 3 hours of race start, today was not going to be my
best day on the bike. That was ok, and I just modified my goals.

It has been an interesting/busy day on the trail. The Navigator failed
on lap 4 or 5 (can't remember). Then, at the beginning of lap 5, the
rear disc rotor literally came off the HiFi. Road the lap with the
rotor in my hand, and no rear brake.

Got back on the Superfly, and Liz was cool enough to get the HiFi
fixed. Thanks!!

I hit my 8 laps by midnight target at 23:15. Cool. Took in some cals,
and changed my clothes. Headed out for lap 9.

There is a technical and rocky downhill switchbach section about 15
minutes into the 7 mile loop.

A rider came up behind me as we approached a turn. I went high, and he
tried to squeeze in underneath me. He over cooked the corner and
skidded right into me.

I got launched in a cart wheel over the bike, and the bermed turn.
Landed flat on my back. Twisted my right knee, and put a sizeable dent
in my helmet.

I am unable to pedal very hard at all, and it took me until 02:15 to
finish it.

I am icing my knee and took some anti inflamatories. I am ok, just
very sore. My back and knee HURT.

Anyway, I am going to see how I feel in a little bit, but for now i'm

Will check back in later. Out!!

Tony Cervati

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