May 24, 2009

I'm all packed up and waiting for the oppurtunity to roll out of here.

Big congrats to Team CSH, who will end with 27 laps. Awesome work!

Also to the world's best training partner and my friend Marcee and her
team for finishing first in the 5 person co-ed division. They dug
deep, and did an amazing job!!

Furthermore, Jimmy Dodson finished his first 24hr event!! An inspiring

As with most of you, it is extremely difficult to literally sit here
and not be totally bummed be all the success around. A top 15 was
completely doable, and it isn't going to come to fruition.

I mean I am stoked for everyone! I really am!! So proud of them all!!!

But at the same time I am soooo sad and unhappy about how my race
ended up. It's almost unbearable.

I am totally and completely out...

Tony Cervati

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