May 23, 2009

2 hours until race time. Camp is set up, and we are in the Cycling
Spoken Here compound. :)

BG is down to 116, so I am taking in some carbs.

Bikes are setup, and I have everything laid out. Hurry up and wait. :)

Jimmy Dodson is here attempting his first 24 solo, and between the two
of us we have enough emergency food (sugary snacks) to last 20 8 year
olds a full month. Who knew they made gummie bears in a 42 oz size.

Luckily one of the race organizers is a really cool guy I met at
Octoberfest last year. His wife's dad is a type 1, and he has offered
to provide continuous updates over the PA about our progress. Lots of
exposure for diabetes here today. That's pretty awesome since in the
length of this race over 4300 people will diagnosed with diabetes, and
600 will die from it.

I won't have time to post again before the race, but I am trying to
upload some pics.

Thanks everyone!! Back online early Sunday afternoon!



Tony Cervati

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