February 1, 2009

6 Hours on The Lake - Result: 3rd Co-Ed Duo

Daily Total: 47.60 Race Hours: 02:56

Time  BG  Carbs Units
----  --  ----- -----

22:50 67cz
20:02 97cz
18:41 159cz
15:00 Race End
14:54 163cz
13:35 76cz
12:20 59cz
10:05 74cz
09:16 49cz
09:00 Race Start
06:15 256cz

The 2009 race schedule got started today with the last race in the 2008 TORC Endurance series.  Did this one as a Duo.  Weather was great, and course was in pretty good shape considering how much rain we had been having the past couple of weeks.

Still not completely recovered from the virus that hit me last week.  As a result blood glucose has been a little off and riding has been minimal.  But this was a fun local event, so I wasn’t too stressed about it.

Set my pump down to normal 55% reduction an estimated 60 minutes before I was to start. 

We where just a little behind the first place team when I started, and I thought I would make a stab at a quicker then normal lap or two to see if I could close that gap.  Knew I couldn't keep up an optimum nutrition schedule at the faster pace, and considered lowering the basal rate a little more.  Calculated that the fast first 60-90 minutes would raise my BG, and then a slightly slower final 120 minutes or so would allow me to eat a bit and let my BG cruise down.  Balance and a little tight rope, but no biggie.

Well it wasn't my best day on the bike, and I was unable to make up much a difference on the leaders.  Fell behind on eating during lap 2, and my blood glucose didn't stay as high as I planned.  It went lower then we felt optimum, and my team mate picked up the last lap and enjoyed the near 60 degree temps.  Fastest lap of the day for her!

We did do ok though, and pulled out a 3rd place finish at this event.  This also gives us a tie for 2nd overall in the Co-ed Duo category for the series.  Not bad for missing a race.  Big shout to fellow 29er Crew member (and world’s best training partner!) Marcee for winning the solo women’s race and being overall series champion for that class.  Woo Hoo!

Of course the Superfly worked great again!  Two races on it so far, and a 1st and 3rd place finish.  Yup, I love this bike!!