November 20, 2008

Daily Total: 31.74 Ride Hours: 03:07 Run Hours: 00:31

Insulin Breakdown:
Meal: 6.10u
Corr: 1.05u
Basal: 24.59u

Daily Carb Intake Bolused For: 96g

Daily Pump Details Downloaded via CozManager and CoPilot

First a note: That is not a mistype! 96g of food yesterday. Just wasn't hungry, and the BGs where kinda weird in the AM.

I had a Dr.s appointment today at 13:30, so I headed for a rare week day sun lit ride after I got done there. Weather was PERFECT!

Couldn't think of a better time to go and get my first ride in on the Superfly!!! YOW!!! Which is good thing since there is a 6 hr race I am doing on it in less than 48 hours. :)

There are these extremely rare magic moments in life when the first time you try something, or meet someone, that you sense complete comfort and oneness. Tonight was one of those times.

The Superfly is sheer perfection. Right from the first pedal stroke to the last one 3 hrs later.... like I have been riding it my whole adult life. Seriously. It's that good.

Very, very light and fast. The G2 geometry is the real deal, and the Superfly simply rails through tight stuff. Best climbing bike I have ever ridden. Period.

It is so much fun to ride I honestly can't describe it. 100 times better than my expectations. You have to experience it to really understand how fantastic it is.

I really appreciate how lucky I am to be in a position to ride and race on this bike. A big thank you to Travis (tpg) and Fisher Bikes for affording me the oppurtunity. Thank you!

I set my pump down to a 55% basal reduction at 14:00, and was headed out of the Wellness Center parking lot on the S'Fly at 15:30.

Stayed on the local trail system and headed into some trails and climbs that I knew very well to shake the bike down. Did I mention how crazy awesome this bike is?!?!?!

Was back at the WC at 17:30, and headed in to get a 30 minute run in. After the run I put another hour worth of cycling in to make for a great long workout. Yeah, yeah, yeah... I know.... race this weekend... taper...

I NEEDED the outlet.

Felt FANTASTIC when I was done!!


Energy Expenditure 2467 kcal
Number of Heart Beats 21885 beats
Minimum Heart Rate 100 bpm
Average Heart Rate 149 bpm
Maximum Heart Rate 184 bpm
Ascent 1073 ft

I set my basal rate back to normal at 19:05.

I did set my basal rate down to my normal post ride bedtime setting of a 20% reduction.

Looks like my team mate and I will be tearing it up on Saturday. That will be killer fun!! Its going to be a cold day (high of 44 or something close to that), but I am looking forward to putting my laps in. I think my partner will run the first 3 hours, and I'll take the second 3 hour shift into the dark. PERFECT!!!!!!