September 29, 2008

A very busy but fantastic day

Today was long and tiring (I am back in my room and crashing after
about 20 hrs), but it was fantastic.

Got a good resistance training workout in, followed by a 6 mile
(approx) run. Tried to reach the base of a mountain range I can see
out my window. It's a LOT farther than it looks!

The highlight of the day though, was the opurtunity to meet some of
the Smiths-Medical staff. While speaking with them I was really blown
away by both their knowledge and dedication, and their coherence as a
unit. It is easy to see they have a special group of people, doing
some impressive work.

I am speaking at 7:30am Vegas time, and I am really looking forward to
it. Truthfully, I am a bit nervous, but once I get started it should
go as planned. There is about 30 minutes built in to the end, and I am
SURE there will be some great questions.

After the talk I will be racing back to the airport to make my journey

Haven't seen the strip or dropped any quarters into the casio here at
the resort. I promise to do so tomorrow. :)

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