February 11, 2013

A new post from our sister site, The Blue Heel Society:

As most of you know Valentine's Day is fast approaching...in just a mere 4 days. WAIT!!! Don't freak out!! 

Before you run out to go buy jewelry, a box of chocolates or flowers...I want to challenge you!

WHAT IF... you didn't buy that jewelry, chocolates or flowers ... I'm not suggesting you willfully put yourself in the "Dog House"!!

Hear me out!

WHAT IF, instead... you chose to SAVE A LIFE!?

I know you are now thinking I've lost my mind! How in the world can not buying your traditional Valentine's Day gifts save a life? Easy. The Blue Heel Society has been asked to help spread a unique initiative from some wonderfully awesome DOC people and organizations. It's called the Spare a Rose, Save a Life. All we are asking is instead of buying a dozen roses buy 11 and the value of that 1 extra rose you donate to a diabetic child in need. It's easy to do!

Click HERE or copy this URL into your browser http://www.idf.org/lifeforachild/donate and the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) will guide you through the fast & easy process for you to donate!

I am blessed that my D kids have access to their insulin, pump and testing supplies at ANY time. Sadly, others don't. There are children living in third world countries that have one bottle of insulin stored in unregulated temperatures and one syringe to last them a month...sometimes longer. There are children dying because they don't have the basic diabetic necessities. 

Donate $1, donate several, Save a Life!! 

Then sit back and enjoy your 11 roses knowing that 12th rose saved a DIABETIC life.

For more information please visit http://diabetesadvocates.org/c/spare-a-rose-save-a-child/where there is information on how to help promote 'Spare a Rose, Save a Child' effort on your Website/Blog.